Slam Dunk is one of the most beloved sports anime of all time. Having recently watched the series myself, I realize why it’s loved by so many and how it continues to impress people despite the fact that it is a 20 year old series. And so having been converted to a Slam Dunk fan, I’ve gathered 3 reasons why you should Slam Dunk!

3) The Realistic Matches!

slam dunk.JPGEven though Slam Dunk doesn’t have characters using flashy moves and awesome super powers the matches between teams are highly exciting and fun to watch. Nearly all the matches in the anime had me on the edge of my seat shouting  for my favourite team shohoku to win. The matches has plenty of twists and unexpected moments which will either make you jump up and down out of joy or bite you fingernails.

2) Explains the Basics!

dunk.JPGSince this anime is about basketball, to be able to enjoy you need to have a little bit of interest for the sport and also know a bit about the rules. This can stop some people from watched sport related anime however, I think slam dunk does a great job explaining things in a way everyone can understand and it does it in way which is fun to watch and also makes it very interesting.

1) Tensai Sakuragi Hanamichi !

Despite being a sports anime, without a doubt the strong point of this series is it’s characters. The show has a wide range of characters but the main character is one who is loved by many. It is none other than Sakuragi Hanamichi! Everything about him from his rather sad back story to his basketball plays is amazing and fun to watch. As the matches get intense there always a part of me which hopes he does something amazing and he does at the least expected moments!



8 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why You Should Watch Slam Dunk!

  1. I have been wanting to see a comparison between Slam Dunk and Kuroko no Basket, if you have watched that. How much more realistic is SD than KnB (if you know? Aside from the supernatural like-moves xD)


    1. Yes, i watched Kuroko No Basket. It is a great anime but honestly i think Slam Dunk has more realistic characters. Some which you could relate to (especially if your a basketball player). I was thinking of doing a comparison post in the future.

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      1. I am looking forward to your comparison post then! I used to really like KnB but after a few sports anime I decided that I’d prefer more realistic anime. But SD has older art and animation (a problem since animation is important in sports) so I was hesitating a bit.

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      2. I’m glad you are 🙂 . Yeah, same here I used to love KnB too (still do) but after watching Slam Dunk, I have to say its much more realistic and fun to watch. The animation is old and not the best but if you can overlook that it’s a great anime. I’m sure you’ll love it!

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