3 Reasons Why You Should Watch Slam Dunk!

3 Reasons Why You Should Watch Slam Dunk!

Slam Dunk is one of the most beloved sports anime of all time. Having recently watched the series myself, I realize why it’s loved by so many and how it continues to impress people despite the fact that it is a 20 year old series. And so having been converted to a Slam Dunk fan, I’ve gathered 3 reasons why you should Slam Dunk!

3) The Realistic Matches!

slam dunk.JPGEven though Slam Dunk doesn’t have characters using flashy moves and awesome super powers the matches between teams are highly exciting and fun to watch. Nearly all the matches in the anime had me on the edge of my seat shouting  for my favourite team shohoku to win. The matches has plenty of twists and unexpected moments which will either make you jump up and down out of joy or bite you fingernails.

2) Explains the Basics!

dunk.JPGSince this anime is about basketball, to be able to enjoy you need to have a little bit of interest for the sport and also know a bit about the rules. This can stop some people from watched sport related anime however, I think slam dunk does a great job explaining things in a way everyone can understand and it does it in way which is fun to watch and also makes it very interesting.

1) Tensai Sakuragi Hanamichi !

Despite being a sports anime, without a doubt the strong point of this series is it’s characters. The show has a wide range of characters but the main character is one who is loved by many. It is none other than Sakuragi Hanamichi! Everything about him from his rather sad back story to his basketball plays is amazing and fun to watch. As the matches get intense there always a part of me which hopes he does something amazing and he does at the least expected moments!



The Creative Blog Award!

The Creative Blog Award!

First proper week of the new year 2016 and things start of with an new award. Thank you very much Lynlynsays, much appreciated!

5 Facts About Me!

So another facts-about-me section. I really can’t think of much facts about me other than the ones I’ve already mentioned….but here we go anyways!

  1.  I’m taller than anyone in my family (but I’m not THAT tall).
  2. My favourite sport is Basketball!
  3. My favourite anime ending song of all time is Anata Dake Mitsumeteru by Maki Ohguro from the anime Slam Dunk.
  4. I love looking at the night sky and (sometimes) counting how many stars I can see.
  5. I (for some reason) love winter more than any other season (even though I was raised in India which is a very hot country)

That’s my 5 facts done!







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World Trigger: The Neighbours are our enemies?!

World Trigger: The Neighbours are our enemies?!

Having watched the first episode of World Trigger when it first came out during the fall season of 2014, it failed to impress me due it’s below average animation and the opinions of other people. However, feeling confident that I’ve matured as an anime watcher who doesn’t judge an anime just by the quality of the animation but for the plot and other elements which makes up an anime, I decided to give this show another go. And so here I am feeling glad that I did!

The world of World Trigger!

One tragic day, a gate opened in the city of Mikado allowing aliens called “Neighbours” to attack the defenceless world. However, with great losses, an organization which studies the alien neighbour technology called the “Border” was able to stop the aliens from completely destroying the city and minimize the potential damage they could have caused. 4 years later, Osamu Mikumo, a junior high student whose a trainee at the Border meets a transfer student Kuga Yuma who claims to have come from the other side of the gate.

The slow start…

Now, after watching the first few (or even the very first) episode(s) of this anime, many people have dropped it (including me) mainly because of the bad animation . While that is true to a certain extent there are many great things which this particular anime has that it should be praised for. One of those many great things is the setting. In the first episode the show gave a basic overview into the setting of the world but not much to keep the many people interested. This is mainly because the show needs a lot of time to reveal and explains things so it would make sense. The world the show is set in has a lot of things which have to be explained at certain time or place in the story in order for it make sense  which is why it has a slow start. Nevertheless as the show goes on it reveals more of it self and about the weapons they use called the “Trigger” and also about the alien’s from the other world called the “Neighbours”.

In terms of the slow start this series has, I think nearly all shonen anime start off weak but got interesting as each episode passes. The best example I think of is the anime series Hitman Reborn. It only started to pick at around episode 20. Until then, the series was just introducing all the character and also explaining how certain things work in that world. Compared to Hitman Reborn, World Trigger starts picking up at around episode 13 which is must faster.

Megane-kun Osamu!

The show has a lot of likeable and there’s many to choose from but my favourite is Osamu. He is one of the main character but despite this he is very weak. A typical shonen series will have a strong main character that gets enough power to defeat the bad guys when it comes down to it, but with Osamu he doesn’t have the power of the main character to back him up. He is very different from all the main hero who we have seen such as Naruto, Ichigo and Luffy. He is weak physically and doesn’t have cool moves like the other characters in this show. The only thing that is good about him in terms of fighting is his ability to analyse the situation and come up with a solution but even that even that isn’t good enough in most fights he has been in. He has never really defeated an enemy on his (well at least so far he hasn’t). Instead of protecting the friends around him, he doesn’t have much power nor the ability to do so, instead he gets saved by others many times and even (unintentionally) gets someone in trouble. However even though he is weak and not exactly the hero type character, I still find him to be a likeable one. I see him to be the most realistic character in this anime who i can relate to and also because he breaks the typical shonen main character traits. Osamu also has a very strong sense of righteousness to save anyone in trouble even though he knows that he isn’t strong enough to do so.


 Seriously Underrated!

This is one of the most underrated series I have watched. It has a lot to offer and also seem to be the better shonen anime to be around (well at least on the story department). I have to agree that the animation is bad (thank you Toei) but apart from that, this show is great. With a little more effort from Teoi and this anime has the potential to be part of the next “Big Three” anime series.

Should you watch it?

Yes. You should. Yes this anime has a lot of faults such as the bad animation and the pacing issues but that is something you would have to overlook as it what most series that are produced by Toei Animation suffers from. However if you want a good shonen anime with lots of action and an interesting plot I recommend you watch it and bear with it for a few episodes for it set it self up.

One Lovely Blog Award!

One Lovely Blog Award!


Having just started this blog, an award is what I least expected. So for this unexpected surprise, I would like to thank Matthew from Matthew903 for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award. Arigatou Gozaimasu!



So before i get started, here are the rules:

Yosha! Here we go!

7 Facts About Me!

  1. I started watching anime at the age of 6 (even though I had no idea what anime was).
  2. My first anime was Digimon Adventure
  3. I used to watch anime in a 24/7 anime oriented channel called Animax.
  4. My favourite opening anime song of all time is called “No Regret” by Kumi Koda in show The Law of Ueki.
  5.  Kuroko No Basuke inspired me to play basketball.
  6. I’m really really lazy.
  7. The longest I can go without watching anime is 1 week!!

Yes I know, all of these facts were connected to anime somehow. Well, what can I say? Anime is life!


Since I’m pretty new to the blogging world, I would be nominating all the people who have been kind enough to follow this blog.

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Right Hand of Anime

So that’s the One Lovely Award done. Good luck to all the nominees!!




They all look different!

They all look different!

Ever since the announcement of the anime Digimon Tri was made back in 2014, I was restless and excited to see the new series.  As a kid I loved the evolutions sequences and the epic action which the show was packed with. So like any other Digimon fan, I was extremely excited to see my childhood digi-destined heroes back in action. However there were somethings that didn’t make it as epic as I  expected it to be.

The one thing that threw me off was the art style. Now if you seen the original Digimon anime, you would know exactly what I mean. For those who haven’t seen it, here’s a picture:

Original Digimon poster


Digimon Tri poster.

In my opinion, the characters look very different from the original anime series due to the art style. Yes, they have grown up however if the anime staff had kept the same art style they wouldn’t have looked so different and somewhat unfamiliar. Now this is probably because the characters were drawn by other artists rather than the original however personally I think it would have been a whole lot better if they kept the same art style. It would have contributed to the nostalgia element of the movie for old Digimon fans (such as myself).

As a kid, I watched this anime in Cartoon Network and so it was English dubbed rather than subbed. Which is why I’m praying that this movie will get dubbed. However, as far as i know, no official announcements have been made although a voice actor called Joshua Seth (who voices Tai the main character) said in an interview that he was more than happy to voice Tai once again if he was asked to do so. I hope he does!! As for the Japanese voice actors, it seems that all the original voice actors have returned.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed watching the first part of the movie, it really was exciting to see my childhood heroes back in action. I enjoyed this show as a kid a lot and I’m really grateful for this new anime and eagerly waiting to see the next part of the movie.

UPDATE: Only the voice actors for the Digimon returned for this anime, it seems new voice actors were gathered for the characters.

The simple but complicated Barakamon

The simple but complicated Barakamon

I recently got around watching Barakamon which happened to be another series I had decided to drop after watching a few episodes of it. However, since it’s Christmas and also because I didn’t find anything else to watch I decided that I should try to watch the whole series since its only 12 episodes long. After watching the first few episodes of it, I suddenly got attached to the light heartedness and the funny characters which the show consists of.

The story follows the life of a young, successful and talented calligrapher, Seishuu Handa who ended up punching an old gallery owner for criticizing his work. As a result of his impulsive actions, Handa is sent to a small rural island in the coast of Japan to cool off and immerse himself in calligraphy to find his own unique calligrapher style.

*Warning* May contain spoilers! *Warning*

This anime is very light hearted and has a lot of comedic moments in each episode. What really made me fall in love with this anime was the characters it has. For the main characters we have the impulsive Seishuu Handa and the fun and cute Naru. Similar to other typical slice of life anime we have seen, Handa is a main character with problems that he grows out of and makes progress to become a better person and his growth is shown throughout the series. However, what sets him apart from other characters in this genre is the way is portrayed. He is described as a talented and successful calligrapher but when his work is criticized he acts like a child and angrily attacks an old man. Now I’m pretty sure not even a child would do that.

Looks like Handa took some lessons from Saitama

Talking about children, Naru is another main character of the series who unintentionally helps Handa grow and not the other way around. These character share a very strong friendship that sometimes transforms into a father and daughter relationship. Although, mostly throughout the series it seems like Handa is the one being taught by Naru about the world this is especially shown when Naru takes him to the sunset towards the end of episode 1.  The thing that the character Handa made me realize is that no matter how old you are or the amount of talent you have there is always something you can learn from everyone and everything. Whether it be from a child or an 80 your old man. Which essentially makes us come to the conclusion that no one is perfect. Which is a fact. Perfection doesn’t exist. What the character Handa wants is not perfection but something that he can call his own style which he has an idea of. But that idea itself is “perfection”. He seeks a style that completely his own, a piece work that shows of his personality “perfectly”. Which is exactly why he struggles and most of the time isn’t completely satisfied with his work.

So, that was some of my thoughts on Barakamon. I recommended you watch this show, it has a lot of funny moments. In fact every character in this anime is funny and always does something that will make you laugh. It isn’t as serious as I make it up to be but there are serious bits in the shows where characters stop and make you think.


Show me your Psycho Pass!

Show me your Psycho Pass!

Psycho Pass has been an anime which I have dropped several times before finally deciding to watch it for the sake of it. However little did I know that I was in for a treat.

The story is set in the near future where an individuals personality and state of mind can be determined through a computer scan. The results are then stored and are called a “Psycho Pass”. These Psycho Passes are used by a modern technology called the “Sibyl” system to judge an individual. Essentially this system decides each person’s life and their actions. The system also judges criminal and decides the punishment they deserve. The story follows a newly employed Inspector, Akane Tsunemori  as she works with latent criminals to uncover the mysterious case’s that are given to them.

Epic transformation of the Dominator

As I mentioned before, I did drop this many several times before deciding to watch it and give it a try. Usually I would just watch half of the first episode and if I like I would continue to watch but if didn’t I would just drop it and look for something else to watch. For some reason, I just couldn’t get hooked into this show even though I watched the first episode more than twice. I guess there’s a time for everything. After a few week of not finding any interesting anime to watch, I finally (again) decided to watch the show. However from episode two instead of one. After watching the the second episode, for some reason I quickly got hooked. Looking back at the first episode, it wasn’t bad at all. It was action packed and it gave a nice introduction to the settings which is exactly why I am now confused to why I didn’t get hooked in the first but the second.

Yes, I have problems.

Moving on!

What I found really interesting  about the anime, was its setting. The type of technology that is present in that time. Nowadays, technology have evolved so much in such a short time. For instance, about 10 years ago there was no smartphone’s, in fact some phones couldn’t even access the internet. However now, suddenly we have smartphone’s that can just about do everything and anything a computer does and it fit’s conveniently in our hands. No matter where we are, we are always to connected to the internet (unless you are in a place with no reception or free WiFi). Though computer’s aren’t the only thing that has evolved. Our medical industry has made many major breakthrough’s and discoveries in the past 5 years. The most important and rather compelling breakthrough is that now you can keep a heart beating outside the human body. How amazing is that? Us humans have found a way to treat and deal with issues that are a threat to our bodies however there hasn’t really been effective medicine or techniques that can treat our minds. The anime Psycho Pass gives us not only a glimpse into future of computer technology but at what health cares will be like in the future. I’m not saying that  there will be a Sibyl system judging us all (that would be ridiculous) but in future I can see that there will be more healthcare options available for treating mental illnesses.

More than that though, I really want those smart watches and also the computers that are shown in the show!!!!

This anime is really dark and it does contain a lot of gore scenes. I’ve watched a lot of dark horror anime (at least I’d like to say I have) but Psycho Pass really does take the scenes of people getting killed into the next level. Every episodes has at least one scene of people getting blown up or having their body parts ripped off. Very graphical but it adds to the dark element which this show has. What this show really made me think about is the law and the current society we live. Compared to 22nd century where the show is set in where technology has advanced so far that they are able to determine what a person is thinking. However even with that technology there are still crimes which can’t be prevented and it shows that no matter how far technology and science evolves there will always some kind of problem that will rise above all the solutions we have found. Which essentially is a good thing as it helps us to see the mistakes we have made and then contribute the improve even further (only if we are able to find a solution that is).

Anyway, that was just some of things this show made me think about. If your looking for a dark mature anime with lot of mysteries and overall interesting to watch, then I recommend you check this series out. Like is aid before, it has very interested futuristic concept and i assure that it will keep you interested till the end.